N 50° 57' 43" - E 01° 50' 49"

Published on 1 November 2004 - Updated on 31 March 2008
by Vincent Lenoir , by Yvon Nedonchelle

Charts SHOM 6735-7424-6651-7258    Forecast area Fr: Pas de Calais - En: Dover 
Approach Harbour master Bassin de l’Ouest.
T: 03 21 34 55 23, F: 03 21 96 10 78 
by Day The ferries traffic is very important, day and night, and has absolute priority. For yachtmen, it is advisable to run along the ferries fairway on S side (run parallel to the beach where seabed is sheer).  Harbour VHF Calais Port Control: VHF 17; Calais Marina VHF 09 (8-12h/14-19h). Preliminary contact strongly recommended (T: 03 21 34 55 23) for great units 
by Night The lamp-posts of the sea front constitute a remarkable land-mark. The ferries traffic remains very important at night.  Rescue  
Dangers Strong tidal stream: until 3kn at the harbour entrance
- ferries traffic day and night
- coming from the East: shallows immediately E of the E pier (refer to charts). No problem at high-tide by calm sea.
- coming from the West: a wreck marked out by the lateral starboard buoy "CA1"
- many lines of fishermen from the W pier. 
Forecast svces Displayed at the Marina office 
Lights The international signals are used. 
The Harbour
Access - Entrance:
approach at 100m the W pier while remaining S of the ferries fairway, then it is mandatory to contact ’Calais Port’ on VHF 17. The harbour office will tell you the moment to come in while asking you to run along along the W pier once inside the harbour and to come close to the waiting buoys of the inner harbour.
waiting buoys are located in the inner harbour. By important coefficient, do not use the northern buoys. It is forbidden to use its own anchorage. Quite troubled by strong wind of N to E sectors. No unloading service: if you arrive just after the last opening of the bridge, the waiting can be long. If you do not have a dinghy, do not hesitate to call locals who will help you to disembark on quay.
The opening of the access bridge to the pleasure harbour are announced by a fixed orange light. It is open at HT-3h, HT-2, HT-1, HT, HT+1h15, HT+2h30.
- Exit:
contact ’Calais Port’ on VHF 17 and follow the instructions. 
Description 130 berths, of which about 20 on catways, the remainder on pontoons (braced boat in season) for visitors. Tariffs of the yacht harbour 
Draught Tides tables. Ref harbour: Dunkerque.
West Basin: see Note 
Services Water, electricity, toilets (showers, WC; access by code) 
Heavy svces Loading mast 3T, mobile crane (on request), grounding basin with grill of careenage 
the Place
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©Port de Calais
Victualling Fuel (gasoil, petrol Unleaded) by day only
Shipchandler (Calais Nautic, USHIP network).
All stores downtown (the marina is about 300m from downtown area). Supermarket on the place d’Armes (400m). 
Rental svces  
Various svces The site of the Yacht Club de Calais gives the opening hours of the Henri Henon bridge.
Retouche à tout: for urgent sail repair (free take and delivery in the yacht harbour):
The office of "La Société des Régates de Calais" is situated in the Harbour Club House of the West Dock, all useful informations on the website of the SRC
Setting To see:
The fine sand beach (500m), the church Notre-Dame (visit in season only), the headlight (possible visit), the bronze of Rodin: "Les Bourgeois de Calais", the museum of Beautiful Arts, the Town hall and its neo-Flemish belfry 


The draught of the boats admitted in the West Basin is of 3 m maximum. Help to pass are:
1) lit panels on each side of the doors, upstream and downstream. They mark the presence of the cofferdam and its level at + 2,00 m.
2) water scales placed on each side of the sash up and downstream. They show the water level available above the upper level of the cofferdam.

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